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You don’t fuck with Adele

#that’s why her hair is so big #it’s full of secrets

isn’t this exactly what Tyrion Lannister did











i cant even make it past the table of contents im laughing too hard


It’s called “Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No-Bullshit Guide to World Mythology”
By Cory O’Brien, and it looks highly entertaining. :D


Give it here, now.

Sweet Fluffy Gods why is there not an audiobook version?

I need to find this book.

The first time Iv’e wanted to read something since Metro 2033.


guys…look what we did :D

I want this book



*hides good snacks from family members*

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1980’s babe fem!America if u say you don’t miss neon windbreakers you are wrong


1980’s babe fem!America
if u say you don’t miss neon windbreakers you are wrong

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im the kid that lets you borrow a pencil and then writes it down in his ledger and lets the value of the pencil accrue monthly compounded interest until 10 years after you graduate from college and have a stable job at which time he forces you to file bankruptcy and liquidates all of your assets

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I was nervous, I admit.  It was our second date and I wanted everything to be as close to perfect as possible.  I had even gone so far as to fill up my car with the second cheapest gasoline type.  I had no idea what it was or why anyone would ever buy it but I decided that no expense would be spared.

I had also baked some fresh muffins.  Those took me about six hours to make because I kept changing my mind on what flavor muffins I wanted.  At first, I wanted to make some with nuts but then I changed my mind after about ten minutes of them in the oven.  So, I put on my mitts I knitted the day before and took them out, promptly dug into the muffins with tweezers to remove each nut, and then decided to replace them with chocolate chips.  This worked well, until I remembered that I hadn’t asked her if she was allergic to chocolate or not and didn’t want her not to be able to have any.  So, I put on my mitts I had knitted the day before and took them out of the oven, got back out my tweezers and tried to remove the chocolate chips.  They were all melted and everything but eventually I managed to get them out with a straw.  I replaced them with bananas because I had never heard of anyone that was allergic to bananas and I thought that was a safe bet.  After about three hours of cooking at 100 degrees they seemed warm enough to be done. 

Her apartment was a short drive away.  I got out of the car like a gentleman and rang her doorbell instead of playing my Linkin Park song so loud that she could hear it from inside and know that I was there.   Her doorbell had a nice ring to it.  Like really nice.  I loved the notes and the rhythm to the chimes and everything.  It was nicely paced and not too rushed.  It really gave off a welcoming feel. 

She answered the door with a smile. 

"Hey, I really like your doorbell," I said.

She stepped out and glanced at it. 

"How much?" I asked.

She laughed right in my face.  I assured her I wasn’t joking.

"I can’t sell you my doorbell. How would you even get it out of my house? Isn’t it built into the wall?"

"That’s not important. I’m willing to go as high as $100."  I had seen half a season of Pawn Stars; I knew what I was doing.

"500." she countered.  She knew what she was doing, too.

"Meet me in the middle at 300?"


Dang, she was good.  She must have seen at least two seasons of Pawn Stars, maybe even three.  But I really wanted those bells. 

"Alright, I can do 350," I said as I went in for the handshake.

I spent the next hour and a half punching her wall to get her doorbells out.  Then I drove home and installed them.  I forgot about the date and the banana muffins completely.


"Look out at this sand.  If you shield your eyes from the horizon, your sense of perception is completely destroyed.  Is this sand ten feet away or miles away?" she asked me, still staring out into the dunes.

"I don’t know… I can’t tell."

"That’s right.  For all you know, it could be infinite.  With each step you take, each passing second of travel, you have no way to knowing how far you have gone, or how far you have to go."

I looked over to her.  She was still staring at the sea of sand, mesmerized with the complexity of something so simple.  I suppose I was too.

"Date a girl who reads books," she said, briefly taking her eyes off the sand to glance at me. 

"What’s that?" I asked, not quite understanding her.

"Date a girl who reads books.  For her, the world of books is as infinite as this sand." 

She picked some up and let it sift through her fingers.  I watched as the grains slid quietly off of her hand and back into their pasture. 

"Hey, do we have any water left?" I motioned at the backpack, a bit parched from the summer heat.

"No we’re all out," she said calmly, "The sand is our water.  Let us drink from it together."

"What the hell," I said.







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another remake 8V


when someone else says they love my fav character


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katara is an inspiration to us all she was one of the only ones who had hope that the avatar would return and then she ended up banging the avatar. think of katara in times of need

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