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This is my blog (gasp!) It's a random jumble of Hetalia, Homestuck, SNK and other fandoms, mushed together with lots of humorous posts and the occasional Serious Thing. l'm always free to chat, be it serious or silly! (Be warned though: I am friendly, but terribly, terribly, lazy at replying.) I don't post a lot of personal stuff, but I do tend to crowd my tags on reblogs with dumb comments as the trade-off. They're put in the tags specifically so you can ignore them though, so please feel free to!
oooomg,Now I want that too,ahhhh

hindre Converting awesome people to rare ships by showing them the wonderfully dark possibilities is my goal; mission accomplished.

Tagged: #yo also we need to talk more like we were just starting a chat about angsty snk and then it never happened #and i kept reminding myself to pester you about it #and then i went on a month-long trip without doing so #and when i got back the window to pester without it being weird was gone #(i'd doodle something for this but i have no idea what you'd even do?? #like america giving hungary a creepy look?? #america giving austria a creepy look?? #who knows???) #i'm trying to think of creepy ideas with rare pairs i have and i'm drawing a blank though i know i have tons!! #oh i had a frus one with nyo!ame where francis is a 5 star chef and he feeds his gf humans #(i'm torn between her knowing and being #a whiny cannibal who constantly wants more #or him never telling her what it is and every time she guesses something he says 'oh even rarer than that my dear!') #also recently i was playing around with one where fem!japan moves next to boy-next-door alfred #and at first it's just her having a crush and then the tiny girl goes yandere on the 6ft 4 jock #because i dig reverse-dynamics with all my heart #hhhhhhhh this is long and nobody's actually gonna read all this besides me lol #onion's replies

  1. hindredspirits said: We do need to talk more! Sorry for my terrible ability to reply to things, ugh 8’DD But gosh gosh, all of those sound lovely omg, especially the FrUS one, holy hell, hooly hell, that’s fucked up and really lovely at the same time
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